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The core philosophy behind NSS cables is to deliver the purest and the most natural, undistorted sound possible. NSS cables should be considered as crucial components… as pure, unaltered signal conduits connecting you with the music as the artist intended.


The NSS project launched 15 years ago in Germany with contributions from German and Australian engineers. In product development, experiments were conducted in a laboratory environment where metallurgy research and the exhaustive process of deriving metal combinations have produced conductive materials technology unlike any other cables made today.


NSS is thankful to PSC Audio's Benjamin Pearce, Paul Royal and Mark Mozgawa for their contribution in developing this line of exceptional cables. Also, we must acknowledge contributions from amplifier designers Elson Silva (Sydney, Australia) and Friedrich Himmel (Bochum Germany)

for their input during the Research & Development process.


NSS has developed design and construction strategies which sets its cables apart from others by eradicating noise distortions inherent in most cables with capacitance or inductance storage.


“Although conductors are not normally considered components, they do have

characteristics that are very important to the noise and transient performance of

electronic circuits. Inductance is one of the most important of these characteristics.

Even at low frequencies a conductor may have more inductive reactance than resistance.”

[Henry W. Ott – “Noise reduction techniques in electronic systems”, second edition]


A typical single construction cable’s low quality insulation materials and the lack of strategic winding technologies make it incapable of cancelling noise build-up. Improper cable shielding also results in storage of electrical noise (EMI) further polluting the complex music signal reproduction chain.


This additive noise ‘distortion’ can be noticed during playback making it difficult for the listener to discern the music – and what’s on the recording – from the “cable/component noise”. Playing music via NSS cables should be revelatory with recording artists, engineers and audiophiles alike praising the ‘noise-free’ qualities of our cables.


NSS’ unique three conductor construction and proprietary technology provides greater signal delivery while ruthlessly eliminating noise distortion issues leaving the listener with just…

the elevating pleasure of pure music.

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